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Bill Patterson, Kurt Olson, Marlena Anderson, Robert & Tammy Button, Jim Sowell (SaabDude behind the camera again!)

Jim Sowell's stunningly gorgeous 73 Sonett III Jim has owned this car since 1975 and has BABIED it the whole time!

Kurt Olson's convertible (on loan from his wife...)

SaabDude's Smooooth '71 Sonett III

SaabDude's '84 900 Turbo => Now resides in Plant City, FL with SaabDude's Dad!!

Yet another SaabDude car... the '72 96 w/AC
Kyle & Devinne lending a helping hand

Looking shiny, now with all 4 wheel covers... this '88 900 belongs to Nameka Crittenden

The OLD and NEW... pride and joy of Robert and Tammy Button, the Club's Pensacola Connection!

Found this '68 Sonett in a Hot Rod calendar... Had to put it up here!! Talk about a SAAB on steroids!

Need a set of my custom Wheel Mounting Bolts for your V4???
Gimme a holler!

The "new" emblem

Cars around the world

More like 3 cylinders on 3 wheels.....Honorary member Chuck Christ during a vintage race at VIR

The Vintage SAAB Racing Group... The largest collection of 93F's in QUITE some time!! Way to go guys!!!

Cool SAAB-SCANIA parchment

The Sonett III of Honorary Member Dave Grayson (Tampa area)

**Most** of SaabDude's collection........ the 9000 now belongs to Kurt & Jody Olson, and the wagon has been leased back to SAAB.

July 15th Meeting @ the Panama City Brewery... mmmm beeeer

Purchased Ol' Blue for 3 six packs of Killians!!

SaabDude & Mrs. SaabDude's
1969 Sonett V4
With lots of go fast stuff on it!!

Mrs. Saabdude
My Beautiful Wife Lucy
(posing with the wagon and Verona-ca)